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DeepLearning.AI, in partnership with OpenAI, has come up with an exciting new course titled ” ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers.” This course, co-taught by Andrew Ng, the founder of, and Isa Fulford from OpenAI, spans 1.5 hours and aims to empower developers with the knowledge and tools needed to efficiently construct applications using large language models (LLMs). Addressing a notable gap in the market, this course caters to developers seeking guidance on creating applications through API access to LLMs.

About the course

By completing the course, developers will master the art of harnessing LLMs to create innovative and valuable applications in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. Throughout the course, participants will delve into the inner workings of LLMs, gaining insights into best practices for prompt engineering. They will also explore a diverse array of practical use cases for LLM APIs, including: Condensing text (e.g., summarizing user reviews) Extracting information (e.g., sentiment analysis, topic identification) Text transformation (e.g., translation, spelling and grammar correction) Idea expansion (e.g., automating email composition).

Moreover, the course imparts two fundamental principles for crafting effective prompts, along with systematic prompt engineering techniques to achieve optimal outcomes. Participants will even learn how to construct a customized chatbot using LLMs. To ensure a hands-on learning experience, the course provides a plethora of examples that participants can directly interact with and manipulate within a Jupyter notebook environment. This approach facilitates practical familiarity with prompt engineering methods and their real-world applicability.


“ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers” is thoughtfully designed to cater to beginners, requiring only a basic grasp of Python. Simultaneously, it serves as an invaluable resource for advanced machine learning engineers aiming to stay ahead of the curve in prompt engineering and fully leverage the capabilities of LLMs. This exceptional course is a product of the collaboration between DeepLearning.AI and OpenAI, embodying the latest insights into prompt engineering best practices in conjunction with cutting-edge LLM models. Don’t miss the chance to learn from industry experts and elevate your developer skills to new heights.

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